How To Live Without A Job: The Ultimate Guide

live without jobI think you’ll agree when I say that the first question you ask yourself after loosing your job is:

“How do I live without a job?”

Believe it or not, but you can get almost everything you need to live a decent life FOR FREE.

And by everything we mean shelter, food, medical care and other essentials.

You may be wondering how that’s possible?

In this article we are going to show you how to do it, step by step.

Let’s dive in!

Chapter 1: Forget That Rent For Now

free rentLive rent-free in this day and age, you ask?

Yes, that is not a dream.

Of course, you can always pack up the apartment and go back to mom and dad, but if that will take too much pride, how about working for your rent?

Well, not the 9-5 kind of work, but managing an apartment and living in it free. You would be surprised how many homeowners need this service.

Another means would be offering any other skill that would score you a free room. Can you cook up a storm, or teach a kid a new language?

Posting your skill(s) online could get you a list of parents and homeowners in need of these skills, who would be more than happy to repay you with a free room and a warm meal.

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Chapter 2: Eat For Free

It is unbelievably easy to eat free from restaurants.

If you are a foodie, you could start a blog and start rating restaurants. Every business wants some free advertisement, and so they will happily feed you for free to talk about them. Naturally, you will say nothing negative about them.

If you are not good with words, be a mystery shopper.

Restaurants and stores in general like knowing what their competition is up to, and you could be the source of that information in exchange for a meal.

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Chapter 3: Feed Your Pet For Free

If you cannot feed yourself, then you certainly cannot feed your beloved furry friend.

Fluffy has been with you through it all, and so the last thing on your mind is re-surrendering them.

Here is how you can get freebies and keep your pup:

Food From Shelters.

Animal shelters all over the country have food banks with free food for pet owners who cannot feed their pets. You could make it a habit of popping in for your pet’s dinner.

Another way to feed Fluffy is by checking out free samples online.

You may have to pay a measly shipping charge, but the bag could last your dog or cat a week!

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Chapter 4: Get Freebies For Anything You May Need

Sounds unbelievable, no?

You can get free things a lot easier than you thought.

The internet is full of freebie opportunities, and so you only need to stay alert.

You could get a book on foraging, then go out, and seek edible organic berries and fruits.

Also, a visit to your local store would surprise you at the number of items with free samples.

And, mobile health clinics offer the excellent opportunity to get your body checked, including dental services.

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Chapter 5: Make Money Without A Job

make money
Garage Sale

If you are a hoarder, then this is going to be tough, but it’s got to be done, no?

You’ll have to let go of those childhood mementos at some point, so why not now when you need the cash?

Garage sales are pretty easy to organize and execute as all you need to do is set a date, take photos and market your event in the neighborhood.

You make a tidy sum of money, make friends, and de-clutter your home.

Sell That Skill

If you can sing into people’s hearts, then you can win over their wallets. Everyone appreciates talent, so get that guitar and put it to good use. You would be surprised how much you would make in one evening doing something you love.

Loyalty-Free Photos

Shutterstock, one of the largest platforms for loyalty-free photos is always looking for new images. Now, if you are outdoorsy and have a professional camera, take your best shots and share them with the site.

They may not pay much, but you would not have made anything posting them on your social media site, would you?

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Chapter 6: Get A Loan Without A Job

get a loan
Most people get payday loans to meet cash emergencies, but what if you no longer have a job?

The security of a payday loan is your paycheck, of course, and so without one, you will be ineligible.

You could get through that hurdle by requesting an employed family member or friend to assume the obligation on your behalf.

Another way is by using your assets as collateral for a loan.

If you have a house or car that you have fully paid for, then any lending institution will be happy to advance you a loan, whether or not you are working.

Accumulated insurance money can get you a loan or extended credit.

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Chapter 7: It’s Time For Changes: Write A Resume And Apply For A Job Even With No Prior Job Experience.

Whether you have been employed before or it is your first attempt at employment, you have to start somewhere.

The first thing that will show a potential employer what you have to offer is a CV.

If you cannot put together a good one, then hire someone to get it done.

A great CV will highlight your strengths, outline your experience (if you have any) and generally give your potential employer a reason to want to hire you.

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Chapter 8 (Bonus): Travel The World Free!

Do you love traveling?

Then pack your bags and get on the road absolutely free!

That sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Some of the thousands of ways to travel free include working on a luxury cruise ship.

You will enjoy the perks of being onboard, mingle with people from all walks of life, and make a little on the side.

You can also choose to teach English in a foreign country if English is your first language.

You will learn the local language, travel all over the country and make some money while at it. Chances are your accommodation will be free.

Do you love working with kids?

Then you could enjoy working as an Au pair where you will get an allowance, live with a local family free, and learn about their culture.

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Now that you have gone through the guide on living without a job, do you want to start implementing the techniques right away?

Or do you have a few tricks up your sleeve that you would like to share?

Either way, let us know!

Oh, and we hope it takes the load off as you work towards finding a new job. Cheers!